frankunzite asked:

[text] "what's up" msgs are not how i want to find out more elysians are leaving their stations [text] is there anyone else I should know about?

princessofloveandbeauty answered:

[text] Maybe if you tried to call or text more, I’d tell you about these things.

[text] And I’ve got it covered. Helios knows she’s here and it’s not like she left it unattended. 

[txt] we agreed our duty is to maintain a flow of intelligence, as _soon_ as information is available. No more excuses.





"W-what do you mean what are we?" kunsaito

"I haven’t told anyone about us yet. Would you mind if I did?"

"I guess there’s no use in hiding." She smiled softly. "It’s not like either of us make any effort to keep away from each other. But what do you want to call this?"

"I would like be your lover, but no one would take us seriously in this century. For now we can call it ‘dating’ until the honeymoon is over."